After graduating from Anadolu University, Department of Special Education, she has M.A degree in Adult Education and doctorate degree in Preschool Education form Marmara University.

She has worked as a special education teacher in private schools for nine years. Since 2001, she has been working in Marmara University Special Education Department.

She is interested in education of mentally handicapped children and autistic students, family education and teacher training. The author has some works as”Otizmde İlk Adım” , “Oyun Dil Ve Düşünce”, and ”Özel Eğitim Sınıflarında Sınıf Yönetimi”. She has also edited the book titled as “Özel Eğitim Sınıflarında Oyun Ve Şarkı Öğretimi” .

There are also scientific articles and book chapters published in international and national magazines.