There are many different points while considering a book that support the development of children.

It is becoming harder to make the book a significant part of child’s life due to the increasing interests of modern life. So, it may take a little more time to find the book that will be interesting for children, yet we can try to learn clues of choosing a beneficial book for children.

First of all, we should care the developmental abilities of the age group. For a two-year-old child, the book should contain less page and word and point size should be bigger. It should be paid attention to have plenty of pictures in the books preferred for this age period. Less detailed pictures make easier to contiunity of child’s attention skills when reading book in this age group.

When the three and four ages begin, the child’s tastes and needs shape book selection criteria. The number of pages can be increased and a 15-20 page story book can be preferred. Books with more detailed pictures and increased word numbers can be obtained.

In the age of 5-6 years, books should contain longer stories, the number of words on the page should be higher than the other age periods and the size of the words should be smaller. Picture is still one of the most important elements during this age, so it helps children to follow the story because they have only concrete thinking abilities.

As children grow older, their personal prefences play significant role on choosing book. They tend to get the book that interests them, so they can spend more time with these books.

When you are selecting a book, it is necessary to pay attention to the words and designs for each age group. Sometimes, it cannot be suitable for the age group with colors, words, and themes. In addition to this, we should be careful about the books translated in Turkish, since it may not be compatible with our culture.

Have fun with reading 🙂