My grandfather, unfortunately I haven’t meet with him, had a printing house and he was pressing the first boxes of Turkey. He was a writer and poet, but nobody knows it. Since, he chose to keep this as a secret and everybody knows him as a pressman. My father took the creativity from his father and he used this skill to design the cover of books in our printing house. I was grown up with the smell of paper and ink, and the voice of the printing machine. There was a miracle in the combination of the paper, ink and the regular voice of the machine, and it was incredible for me to be the witness of this miracle. Maybe because of this, I always love to touch the book, be lost in it and find my way again.

I wanted to contribute to this miracle and established ANYA PUBLISH.

And now;

Take the just printed book, and take a look on pages. Please close your eyes, and just try to understand the smell of paper and ink. You can see the transformation of words to story, drawings to design and papers to book. Open your eyes and start to read; you can lose yourself in the story, do not worry, and find your own way.

Enjoy the read.
Funda (Yılgör) Tekelioğlu