Dear ANYA Publication reader,

She (or he) was the one who you smelled, her sweet-smelling scent, catching you with her bead eyes and easing your heart with her sweet smile. Those excited glances were hers when you took your first step, when you combined sounds to produce new words and when you asked for help when struggling. That was her who found herself in the tone of your voice, in your face expression, in your touch and your eyes. She had a unique capacity to discover the world with an uncanny excitement and curiosity.

Every feeling you reflected from your heart into your fingers and palm, every word came out of your lips introduced her ‘herself’. She felt she was loved and cared about thanks to the games you played with her, lullabies you sang for her, meals you cooked for her and abilities you taught her. How restful it was to bond deeply and being able to feel secure… This was such a strength and resilience that… She could only dare to explore life with this undoubted trust she carried within.

When she left home, each interaction with new places she saw and each interaction she had with new people was a new experience; it can sometimes be challenging to face unknowns that life presents. But the voice which also includes your reassuring sound was always with her. No matter how far away, that voice was her guide. When she eventually returns home she could rest her heart within your accepting arms that you fully open to embrace her because it was your unique relationship that strengthened her trust which will be her companion until she ceases to exist.

Specialist Psychological Counselor, Author