The Reflective Parent


How to Do Less and Relate More with Your Kids

Translator: ESRA KÖKTÜRK
Number of Pages: 131

It can be difficult to decide how to raise a happy, healthy and successful child. Parents can find themselves while listening many conflicting advices. Regina Pally, an experienced psychiatrist and founder of the Center for Reflective Communities, offers something completely different in her book. She shows us that the only key for a successful parenting is not to slow down, to reflect and to do it right.

The Reflective Parent synthesizes the latest in neuroscience research to show that our brain’s natural tendencies to empathize, analyze, and connect with others are all we need to be good parents. Brief “Take Home Lessons” at the end of each chapter and vivid examples of parents and children putting the principles into action make this a highly readable, practical guide for anyone looking to build loving, lasting relationships with their kids.

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