Early childhood (0-6) is the most significant period of life as the regard of physical, emotional and cognitive development. In this period, the meeting with books provides children a big advantage to improve their life skills.

But, how?

Literacy is generally recognized as an academic skill which is often identified with primary schools. Even though reading instruction begins in the first year of primary school, prerequisite skills for reading are gained more easily in the earlier ages and thanks to these skills children can start the school with readiness.

There is a new concept as early-literacy, it can be defined as prerequisite information and attitudes are gained at 0-6 ages. It should not be underestimated the significance of child books in this period, thus we have to create an opportunity for children to spend more time with books.

Thanks to books; some skills can be developed as:

  • Vocabulary,
  • Phonological awareness.
  • Tendency to find cause and effect relationship.
  • Imagination,
  • Pay attention and Following the instructions.

These skills that the child should have for literacy begin to gather in the background. Boks look like super heros in our lives. A book carries much more than written on its pages. We can gain a lot of information thanks to boks. The most impressive one of these is that we can have a reading direction in our language. Turkish is a language family that flows from left to the right. It has been observed that children who read boks from an early age follow the words in the line beter. It seems exciting that many things in our lives are kept in pages.

Editor of Child Books